Introduction To The Psychology Of Carl Jung

What you’ll learn

  • Who is Carl Jung: A Brief Biography
  • Freud Vs Jung
  • The Mandala: Its Meaning And Significance in The Realms Of Analytical Psychology
  • The Difference Between Dreams and Supernatural Visions
  • The Use Of Mandala’s in Ritual Magick: A Brief Overview of Dr. John Dee’s system of Enochian Magick
  • Iamblichus: The Sacred Wisdom
  • Introduction To The Process Of Individuation
  • Dreams As Oracles: Different Approaches To Dream Interpretation


  • Basic understanding of Analytical Psychology helpful but not required
  • Basic understanding of the writings of the Neoplatonic Philosophers Iamblichus and Proclus also helpful but not required


Inspired by my next book, ‘Unveiling The Self: A Psycho-dynamic Approach To Spiritual Enlightenment’ available in 2020. This lecture series is meant to awaken the individual learner to spiritual mysteries both ancient and modern and induce a conscious realization of the divine spark contained in the depths of their own Soul. 

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in Mysticism, Psychology or their own personal/spiritual growth
  • Students of the Western Esoteric Tradition

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