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The Child

Azin November 12, 2021

The Child Within is an incredibly powerful and important Archetype. Make sure to do a ritual in gratitude for this great chance to know the Child.


The Vulnerable Child

Name The Child
Goal Security
Psychological Task To feel, to hope, and to rely
Stages of Growth Hides distrust and inabilities and denies pain and suffering (including fears and needs)

Attempting to avoid the inevitable confrontation with the Child takes refuge in escapism which
will turn into addictions

Feels the pain, expresses it and sits with it in despair

Seeks saviors to be saved from the pain

Gets disappointed by the saviors and escapes from their prisons

Learns to give and receive help. Understands solidarity and mutual assistance between equal
Achievement Compassion, Self-reliance

The Angry Child

The Child Within has many faces.

Lucia Capacchione:


The Curious, adventurous, and creative Child

Mothering the Child Within means to see, recognize, and accept the Child with all the wounds and sorrows, as well as loving and embracing him/her unconditionally.

Fathering the Child Within means supporting, protecting, and providing security and stability, as well as giving him/her self-confidence and a sense of ability, power and strength.

Fathering the Boy Inside, Hillman:

Abandoning the Child, Hillman: