4. Inner Work 3 : Active Imagination

This course consists of two modules, two online workshops (total 3-6 hours), and a support forum to ask questions, share your insights and experiences, as well as getting to know the instructor and other students.

In module 1 we discuss the presence of unconscious in our daily lives and the way we work with it in what depth psychology calls the "Inner work." We also explain this unique technique invented by Jung in 1913 and presented in Berlin Conference by Mary Louise von Frantz in 1969. The students will know about the right way to do the exercise and the common mistakes. They will learn to do A.I with the help of a recorded guided meditation and later in a group exercise in the online workshop.

Module 2 is more about the practice, reporting, journaling, the 4 steps of doing A.I including the ethics and the grounding ceremonies. Students will also learn about the 3 levels of experiencing A.I and how to practically use this technique in their inner journey and their daily lives. We can receive a lot of insights in our A.I sessions, but it is not just about knowing. In Opus we emphasis on practicality. There should be a difference in who we are and what we do in our lives before and after practicing A.I. Students will learn a lot about the encounters with unconscious through sharing their artwork, their daily experiences, synchronicities, and personal insights with each other. After taking this course A.I will be a weekly practice for Opus students. <

Azin · July 23, 2021

The requirement for this course is “An Introduction to Jungian Psychology.” “Active Imagination” is the third course of the three “Inner Work” courses with “Shadow Work” and “Dream Work” as the first and the second.

Suggested Books:

“Inner Work,” by Robert A. Johnson
Jung on Active Imagination, by Joan Chodorow
Encounters With the Soul; Active Imagination as Developed by C. G. Jung, by Barbara Hannah

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