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    1. An Introduction to Jungian Psychology

    The first course in Opus Institute of Co-Creative Leadership. Basic understanding of Jungian concepts. This will give you a structure for your own personal growth as well as an understanding of others'. This is Jung, simplified and with emphasis on practicality without sacrificing the depth of the concepts. 

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    2. Inner Work 1: Active Imagination

    This course consists of two modules, two online workshops (total 3-6 hours), and a support forum to ask questions, share your insights and experiences, as well as getting to know the instructor and other students.

    In module 1 we discuss the presence of unconscious in our daily lives and the way we work with it in what depth psychology calls the "Inner work." We also explain this unique technique invented by Jung in 1913 and presented in Berlin Conference by Mary Louise von Frantz in 1969. The students will know about the right way to do the exercise and the common mistakes. They will learn to do A.I with the help of a recorded guided meditation and later in a group exercise in the online workshop.

    Module 2 is more about the practice, reporting, journaling, the 4 steps of doing A.I including the ethics and the grounding ceremonies. Students will also learn about the 3 levels of experiencing A.I and how to practically use this technique in their inner journey and their daily lives. We can receive a lot of insights in our A.I sessions, but it is not just about knowing. In Opus we emphasis on practicality. There should be a difference in who we are and what we do in our lives before and after practicing A.I. Students will learn a lot about the encounters with unconscious through sharing their artwork, their daily experiences, synchronicities, and personal insights with each other. After taking this course A.I will be a weekly practice for Opus students. <

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    3. Inner Work 2: Dream Work

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    4. Midlife Passage

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    • Why do we fall in love with certain people (and then the opposite type sometimes!)
    • How does Love turn into Hatred and why? How does Anima/Aanimus projections work?
    • How do our partnerships mirror the relation we have with our man/woman within?
    • What is a healthy relationship?
    • What is the integration process with Anima/Animusand and where are you in that process? Are you possessed by Anima/Animus?
    • How does your relation with Anima/Animus is reflected in your psychological balance and personal growth?

    In this course, students will learn about the basic dynamism of partnerships, as projections of the opposite sex energies in our psyche. They will also learn the gifts of these energies usually bestwoed upon us after challenges of life.

    Anima is related to creativity, intuition, feelings, ideas, attention to details and perfection, here & now experience and more. Animus is related to social identity, the ability to express ourself, assertiveness, goal orientation, sensation, logics and more. Anima is "the image" and Animus is "the word".

    Azin Izadifar is the author of the book " Anima/Animus: A handbook of integration process".


    This course is ideal if

    • You are interested in learning more about depth psychology and its language of symbols and mythology.
    • You are interested in having a better understanding of masculine aspects, feminine aspects, relational psychology and the notion of the shadow from a Jungian perspective.
    • You want to learn more about Jung’s concept of the Animus and Anima.
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    Welcome to Opus Institute

                    The symbol of Magnum Opus; the great lifetime work, the greatness we are meant to manifest.



    Opus Institute for Co-creative Leadership

    Opus is a Latin word meaning work.

    The Great Work (Latin: Magnum Opus) is an alchemical term for the process of working with the prima matter to create the philosopher’s stone. This is when you as the great alchemist of your life turn everything that has been given to you into the most precious thing it can ever be. This is when we turn our life into gold. Opus is about greatness.

    Amor Fati! Love you fate! Put everything that life gives to you, from suffering, loss, and every event and talent and potentiality into work. The wound is the eye. It is a gate through which you will have access to the unconscious material. Remember! There is treasure in darkness. Use your talents and skills and creativity and life experiences to become the greatest you who can ever be! Even trauma is a treasure. It can be transformed into a talent, an ability to see things from a different angle. It may become a skill to understand others better and to communicate and connect on a deeper human level. An archetypal level through which we share our human experiences beyond nationality and race, beyond gender and age, and even beyond time with our ancestors and generations to come. 

    It’s all about greatness, but what is greatness, really? Is it about becoming rich and famous? Well, it can be! Yet, greatness is about shining in your essence which may or may not bring fame. If you do what you love and what you have been wired to do there is a much higher chance of getting great benefits for that. To do that, we need to be great leaders of our lives.

    Opus is an online Institute, a co-creative circle of leaders who are committed to greatness in their own life, to bringing out the inner leader in others, and to changing the world one leader at the time. Join us! Be the  Magnum Opus of your life and do the great work the human race and our planet Earth calls us into today.


    Dr. Azin Izadifar

    The CEO and Founder of Opus Institute of Co-creative Leadership

    The Philosophers' Stone:

              When you are purified to your essence, anything you touch, including people's lives, turns into gold.  


    In Opus, our symbol of a great leader is a composer. A great leaders bring out the best in the musicians, their instruments, and the audience. In creating such space they, too, shine at their best. We help you find your shine!