“Self-Development Courses”; introduction and Curriculum

The “Self-development Courses” are based on Jungian analytic psychology and his archetypal approach to human psyche.The first words you hear after uttering the name “Jung” is that his work is “too deep” and “not practical”. This is usually said by those who know just enough about Jung to realize they don’t get it. It’s true that it takes a while to “get it”, but once you are there you can present it in a very simple and practical way. Jungians have done a tremendous job in developing the idea of archetypes into a very practical structure for Personal growth and in dealing with day to day challenges of life. Simplicity, without sacrificing the concept, interactive fun and practicality are at the center of my courses.

As a student of “Freud”, “Carl Gustav Jung” was deeply involved in human subconscious for many years. Later he developed his own theory discovering the much deeper level of “collective unconsciousness” as the source of prototypal energy channels formed by the footsteps of each and every human experience on this planet from the most ancient times till now. Jungian psychologists have done a tremendous job in developing the idea of archetypes into a very practical structure in dealing with personal growth and day to day challenges of life.

Although these courses are more of a “Life Coaching” nature than a psychology course, they are surely based on a special psychological approach to our psyche. A summary of Jungian theory will be presented in the introduction session. (Listen to the free Audios)Although a minimum understanding of Jungian theory and terminology is quite necessary, the main focus remains on the practical aspect rather than intellectual theoretical discussions about the validity of Jungian theory. The goal is to develop a structure that can be used by each student for their whole lifetime as a basis for their self development process. Therefore, this will not be a “Happiness” or “Spiritual” course and there will be no promise of solving all personal problems, finding the best partner, or anything like many “spiritual” courses claim to be. Upon graduation, the students will have “Keys” in their hands, but how they will use it depends on them. The goal is to remain in Science field, as much scientific as psychology can be!

Before starting any of the following courses you will get a free Three Hours “Introduction to Jungian Concepts”. You can take this course for free as many times as you want and you can bring guests.

The courses include:

Basic Courses:

1) An introduction to Jungian Psychology

2)​ Basic1: Personal Growth; The six archetypes of personal development

3)  Basic 2: Anima and Animus; the inner female and male energies of the psyche

4) Basic 3:Goddesses within

5) Basic 4:Gods Within

Mini Courses:

6) He

7) She

8) We

9) Midlife Crisis

10) Dream Interpretation

11) Narcissism; the core of human psyche, a modern epidemic


12) Creativity; a never ending journey with the inner artist

13) The Inner Child (Exclusive)

14) Write your Myth (Exclusive)

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