Mini Courses

hree sessions, Total 9 hours + Q & A

Passing all 4 basic courses is required

This course is based on Robert A. Johnson’s books “He”, “She” and “We”. We discuss myths relating to male and female psyche and the interaction between them.

9) Midlife Crisis:

A 3 hours lecture + Q & A

Passing all 4 basic courses is required

Midlife crisis was one of the major contributions that C.G. Jung made to psychology. Back at that time, it was a rare phenomenon. Today, for many reasons we have a better chance to develop our “ego”. The basic challenge/chance in midlife crisis is between “ego” and “self”. For the first time in our lives ego starts backing off and gives us the chance to surrender to “self”; the highest archetype in self-realization. If we can’t use this chance, psychological death and a rapid aging will happen. If we can surrender to “Self” a more mature phase will start. A more profound and much more fruitful process that can eventually lead us to be the “Magician” we are meant to be. In Jungian Psychology, to become a “magician”; the creator of life, is our psychological goal and destiny.

10) Dream Interpretation:

Passing the first two basic courses is required

A 2 hours lecture + Q & A

How to interpret our dreams as the main tool of communication with our

unconscious mind and the core wisdom of the depths; The SELF.

11) Narcissism; the core of human psyche and a modern epidemic

A 3 hours Lecture + Q & A

How narcissism is positively manifested in our personal and social life. The

healthy narcissism, the pathological and the current epidemic of  narcissism.

In this course we discuss the latest disputes on how to detect narcissists, is

narcissism curable, what happens to the victims of narcissistic abuse and how

to heal from it.

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