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5: Six Archetypes of Personality Growth

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  1. Welcome to The Six Archetypes of Personality Growth Course
    The Beginning
  2. The Six Archetypes of Personality Growth
    The Fool
  3. The Child
  4. The Wanderer
  5. The Warrior
  6. The Giver
  7. The Magician
  8. The Ending
    Table and Questions
  9. Grounding Ceremony
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The Fool

Azin November 12, 2021


The Fool Tarot Card


“April Fool: Fishing,” 1945, Norman Rockwell
The achievement of the Fool archetype for our psyche is Trust. The fool is the first card in every Tarot deck and is considered as point zero or the beginning in the journey of consciousness

Share your thoughts and experiences on these questions with other students in the workshop.

How dose the Innocent/Fool manifest in your psyche and life?

What are your thoughts and feelings about trust?

Do you trust in existence?

NameInnocent / Fool
Task/Role in our PsycheThe Fall
Levels/Stages of GrowthNone