2. Inner Work 1 : Shadow Work

Azin · February 10, 2022

Inner Work is about working with the psyche, specially the unconscious side of it. In his book “Inner Work” Robert A. Johnson introduces two methods of Inner Work: Dream Work and Active Imagination. Both methods provide connection with the unconscious. The difference is that in dreaming the ego is shut down to a great degree while in Active Imagination the ego is present and actively involved in the process of observing and interacting with the unconscious elements. At the core of both methods is the Shadow Work, whether it is about the darkest denied Shadows, the dark zone of unwanted, or the gray zone of the unlearned. Shadow Work is certainly a method for the Inner Work, actually the core of it. Shadow Work is the heart of Jungian depth psychology and without it there will be no personal growth and no individuation. Knowing about the concept of the Shadow is the first step. What is critically important to us as individuals, as well as the collective, is the ability to recognize our Shadow and withdraw it from getting negatively projected onto the outer subjects. Shadow Work is the most important skill to learn for any civil human.

This course consists of 4 modules, 4 hours of audio lessons, and a workshop. At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Grasp the concept of the Shadow as a huge part of the psyche and one of the 4 major archetypes in depth psychology,
  2. Map the dark zone of their own psyche and learn about the three main layers of their own Shadow,
  3. learn the skill and practice the art of withdrawal of the Shadow.
Robert A. Johnson, Inner Work, P. 14

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