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The Giver Workshop Qs

Azin February 10, 2022

Audio Giver workshop

  1. How much responsibility, attention and thinking of others you have in your life? whom do you take care of? Do you anyone who is your responsibility? Did you choose to be responsible for them?
  2. Do you serve people just because they ask for it? Are you able to say no to those who repeatedly ask for something? Do you recognize your right to choose the service and sacrifice you offer or do you constantly feel that you have been forced to do so?
“Give & Take,” by Lorenzo Quinn

3. When you were a child, what messages did you get from your parents, friends, society, and life events about “giving”? Were these messages contradictory? What messages do you give to your children, friends, and other people in general?

4. What would you do if you were given ten million dollars? How would you spend it?

5. Go back to the question about giving and receiving help in the Child Workshop. Are you as comfortable in asking for help than giving help? Do you expect others to realize you are in need of help without you asking for it? Can you admit that you are in need or that someone has sacrificed for you?

6. Have you ever paralyzed yourself while helping others?

7. Has your giving behavior ever been a kind of emotional poisonings?

Giving and receiving can both be overwhelming.

8. Can you say no to gifts and services that you feel they are inappropriate or you don’t need them or you think they create unwanted attachment? Do you need to change your behavior in this regard? If so, what should change?

9. Who and what deserves your sacrifice? How much giving is appropriate in your life now?


  1. Review your give and takes. Practice responsible conscious give and take behaviors.
  2. Practice clear requesting.
  3. Lighten up your life. Consciously and without getting overexcited by the release of the suppressed energies of the Giver start getting rid of unwanted and unused objects. Be mindful in getting rid of objects to which you have emotional attachment. Give it a push, but not so much that you later regret it.

Every now and then, check your backpack.

4. Do one thing for love, everyday.

5. With your friends or your classmates here give a serious thought about what (Money, time, thought, energy) you are willing to sacrifice for the sake of the society or the world you are living in. Make a plan and do something. What is your share in finding solutions to the problems we currently face on this planet?