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The Wanderer Workshop Qs

Azin February 10, 2022

Audio Wanderer workshop

In solitude, the Wanderer is looking for him/herself.

1. When, where, and with whom do you feel alienated from yourself? Explain the situation. Then, see which part of you is tied to that situation. In other words, which part of you is still attached to the situation despite of being alienated. Find psychological reasons not the Warrior’s practical reasons. ( We need to know these reasons to stop the inner conflict/dialogue.)

2. When, where, and with whom do you hide certain aspects of yourself? What happens if you show those aspects to those people in that specific situation? What makes you hide? What are you afraid of?

3. What are your secrets?

4. Will you sit in front of the Mirror Master?

5. Do you travel? Do you read books? Do you meet new people? What are you learning now? What was the last interesting thing you did recently? Are you discovering new inner/outer lands?

Sitting at home, the Wanderer may be traveling inside.

6. What are you looking for in your life? What is your biggest question? ( Does God think of e as much as I think of him?) What is the meaning of life? Zen: Life is not a question to be answered or a problem to be solved. Life is its own meaning.

7. What is the meaning in your life? Do we need a meaning for our lives? Jung, Campbell.

8. What are your beliefs? Have you ever doubted them? How deep have you thought about them? What does “to believe” means? What do you ‘know”?

The Wanderer may have a combined inner and outer journey.

9. What are your favorite proverbs? What are your catchwords and catchphrases? What does this repetition tell about you?

10. Are there any situations or people that you have to leave behind in order to be your true self? Explain how they do not let you be yourself and/or limit your free expression of who you truly are. (Do not act upon the answers to this question. You might be too affected by the suppressed energies coming to the surface of your psyche now. You will get a chance to do something about them when you are working with the Warrior.)

The Wanderer separates us from the others through the Individuation process.


1. The understanding of what is good for us usually comes after the recognition of what is not good for us. Make a list of everything that is not “right” for “you.” Write them all in one column. Fill the second column with what “is” right for you. The third column is for the alternatives. Improvise and let your unconscious come forward in writing the alternatives. Then see which alternatives are practical to do. If you can’t find the alternatives or the practical alternatives give it a break for now, but know that these are also some of your important questions in life.

 Not right for me Right for me The alternative
 Smoking Not smoking Dancing

2. Take another look at the escapes????, addictions, and obsessive behaviors that you found in the Child Within workshop. Look at them as symbolic gestures ??? from the Self that we have reacted to with some easy answer. There is a real demand behind all of them. For example workaholism might be a call from the Self to find your vocation. %80 of a man’s bad mood is Anima’s dissatisfaction with what he does for a living. If our answer to a brain tumor is taking painkillers, we tend to increase the dosage because it is not the correct response. (For most of us, finding our vocation is a trying long winding road. We need to pay attention to the difference between a job, a career, vocation, and hobby. Hobbies have an important role in finding our vocation.)

Addiction to Sex and multiple relationships is a calling from the Self to detachment and relating to our Anima or Animus.

Garrulity is a calling from the Self to express a deeper truth or reveal a secret or saying what is needed to be said. It can also be an invitation from the Anima to listen and hear.

After finding the true callings of the Self see if you can find a way to give a real answer to them. Find appropriate activities to channel the energies in a satisfactory way to the Self’s callings.

 Superficial addiction, escape/ obsession The real need, the Self’s calling The real answer
 Binge eating The need for new tastes of life Travel

Conformity is a sign of a weak Wanderer in a society.

It may take a while to find a true expression of ourselves in our appearance.

3. How do you connect to people? Do you wait for others to start talking to you? Are you the ice-breaker? Do you ask about them? Do you start by giving compliments? Do you start by talking about yourself? Do you tell a joke? Do you start with safe talk? Whatever your method is, try other ways.